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Swarovski perfume packaging nets French award

Article-Swarovski perfume packaging nets French award

Swarovski perfume packaging nets French award
Award-winning Swarovski perfume packaging


Award-winning Swarovski perfume packagingPackaging firm Alliora has received the Oscar de l'Emballage award for the creation of the folding box for Swarovski's latest perfume "Aura," a fragrance that provides a new dimension to the Swarovski universe, bringing even more femininity and emotion.

The folding box was born from the desire to do away with traditional packaging for perfumes, which open at the end like a mundane packet. This is a real presentation case which enhances and displays the beauty and richness of the flacon it protects.


The folding box is made in 400g Tullis Russel cardboard (recycled and FSC certified). The innovation in this creation comes from the technical skills and know-how of Alliora's engineers. Swarovski receives the folding box folded flat, ready for automatic forming by machine.
Alliora has developed a special machine which glues all the different points in one complex automatic manipulation. The Folding box can then take shape.
A special tab is used to open the case like a casket. The flacon can be removed and replaced, and the box closed again, due to the lid's re-sealable adhesive joins, protecting its precious contents. This is something new in the world of perfume packaging.

The box is decorated with:
• Pearl finish recto/verso in flexo
• Embossed Swarovski motifs
• Flat areas with silver hot stamping and diffraction grating.


Source: Ileos

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