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Toothpaste launched in fresh new packaging

Article-Toothpaste launched in fresh new packaging

Toothpaste launched in fresh new packaging
Signal Expert Protection toothpast from Unilever

Signal Expert Protection toothpast from UnileverSpecializing in brand and product design, the Italian agency Reverse Innovation has developed the graphic design for the new range of toothpastes Signal Expert Protection by Unilever for global market.


To communicate in a meaningful manner the properties of the product that is inspired by the action of flossing and mouthwash, has been used a language that refers to scientific research that distinguishes it.


Reverse Innovation's creative directors Alice Tacconi and Mirco Onesti explain the project was conceived with the aim of highlighting the novelty on the shelves of large retailers, respecting the brand identity and confirming with visual elements the qualities of the product.

Less conventional and more sophisticated, the packaging made with PET has a transparent area where you see inside the tube of toothpaste - these characteristics inform immediately that this is a premium line. The predominance of blue, paired with silver, reminiscent of the technical environment of a laboratory and, mainly, evokes feelings of freshness and cleanliness. The dynamic representation of DNA and the hexagon in which you'll see in zoom, like a microscope, the particles of sanitizing formula give the idea of a advanced product and offer dynamism to the pack. Not to mention the particular style technology font used in the name of the range which reaffirms the total concept. An ordered schedule facilitates the understanding of the benefits. The variants are identifiable by a detail of color in harmony with the standard image designed for the toothpaste.


Source: Reverse Innovation

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