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Toothpaste's packaging reflects key ingredient in its formulation

Article-Toothpaste's packaging reflects key ingredient in its formulation

Toothpaste's packaging reflects key ingredient in its formulation
Theodent toothpaste tubes

Theodent toothpaste tubesWith concerns growing about potential side effects from fluoride, researchers have been exploring alternatives. The founders of Theodent discovered Rennou, a fluoride alternative that blends cocoa bean extract with other minerals, and formulated a toothpaste purported to deliver the protective qualities of fluoride without the associated risks.


When it came time to launch the product after years of research and testing, the team decided the distinctive toothpaste, called for special packaging. They turned to World Wide Packaging LLC, a firm that produces tubes and other packaging for cosmetic clients. The sophisticated HDPE tube-in a rich chocolate-brown tone that evokes the toothpaste's signature ingredient-matches the singularity of the product formulation with a sophisticated, angular shape that's sleek, rather than round. The head of the one-piece tube is triangular, with dramatic hard edges; the complex cap includes a flexible plug that, when closed, squeezes into the tube's orifice, and its pintle expands for a tight seal.


The tube is decorated with metallic screened logo and text to further underscore its premium appeal. The product—available at Whole Foods nationwide and on the company's website,—retails for approximately $10.

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