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Vial labeling


Vial labeler

The RE200 vial labeler handles unstable containers such as vials or small bottles at speeds up to 200 bottles per minute. It is equipped with a precision HERMA 400 LV8 stepper labeling head featuring accurate label tracking and dispensing, and offers simple set up and operation on a range of labels. An infeed conveyor belt with adjustable side rails and separate variable speed motor feeds containers directly into the infeed starwheel of the RE200, and an intermittent-motion starwheel indexes the vials to the label dispense position. An external roller turns the container so the container is perfectly centered, eliminating label skewing even if the vial bottoms are not completely flat or are at other than exactly 90 degrees to the vial walls. The labeler is available with several sensors to detect label presence, color rings and pharmaceutical code.


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