Clearly Crafted pouches bring clarity to baby foods

By Array Array in Pouches on March 21, 2016

Happy Family’s Clearly Crafted baby food pouches use aluminum oxide for barrier and transparency—and the company prints the specific product recipe on the back.


Happy Family’s new Clearly Crafted organic baby foods under the Happy Baby branding are all about transparency—and so is the packaging.

In announcing the launch earlier this month, the company positions the 12-product line as the first national brand with fully transparent baby food pouches packed with premium, organic ingredients consumers can see. It is also the first organic brand to list its recipes directly on the pouch, according to the company.

"Parents are looking for openness and honesty from the companies they buy products from, especially for their baby," says Shazi Visram, CEO and founder. "We developed Clearly Crafted with this in mind. We want to share every aspect of the product story, from the farms where we grow our ingredients to the recipes that we use. Parents can feel confident feeding their children, by knowing and seeing exactly what's inside the pouch."

Visram responds to Packaging Digest’s questions in this Q&A.


Why is this pouch such a great fit for Clearly Crafted baby foods?

Visram: Pouch packaging revolutionized the baby food industry over the last six years because it allows parents to take high quality nutritious meals and snacks for baby on the go. Convenience is a huge benefit to millennial parents, who are balancing their busy lives and careers with family time.  The pouch also allows babies to self-feed and not use a spoon, which saves that extra step when you’re out and about. We’re excited to again lead the next revolutionary step in baby food by bringing the first fully transparent pouch through our Clearly Crafted line.

Not only can parents see what they are feeding their baby, they can get all the information from us about how our food is grown and exactly what proportion of each ingredient is in the pouch.  We are proud to be the first organic brand to share the recipe story on back of pack and hope we set a new high standard within our industry. For example, our Pears Pumpkin Passion Fruit recipe includes 2/5 pear, 3 TBSP pumpkin and 3/5 passion fruit, all pureed to fit into a 4oz pouch for baby.  Parents can even make our recipes at home if they want to. Finally, we share our ingredient sourcing story of the farmers who grow our produce with parents at  

Just like our core line, every pouch is USDA Organic certified and has our Certified B Corp seal to let consumers know that we are a socially and environmentally minded company.  We also have the Non-GMO Project logo on each pouch.

 Along with about a 50% clear area for product visibility, the pouch backs are printed with a specific product recipe.


What were the pouch requirements?

Visram: Clarity was very important when deciding which structure to use for our clear pouch.  We wanted to make sure the vibrant colors of our recipes would stand out on shelf.  We also had to confirm that the barrier properties were appropriate to meet our shelf-life and oxygen transmission rate (OTR) requirements.  Printability also was key so that our beautiful ingredient-specific photography at the bottom and top of pouch would stand out.  The pouch is also preformed and similar in shape to our core line.


Next: Visram discusses the packaging development and provides additional details on the barrier layer, closure and design.

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