Teapot-shaped pouch is steeped in on-shelf distinction

By Rick Lingle in Pouches on July 25, 2016

Pinched-waist and a multitude of other shapes and variations of pouches have been developed over the past few years, but one of the most unexpected new offerings is this teapot-shaped pouch from Mondi Jackson. With a unique shape and handle, it's designed to capture consumers’ attention.

“The new pouch has an unusual and appealing appearance,” says Ross Bushnell, president, Mondi Jackson, Consumer Goods Packaging. “It’s attractive, roughly ‘teapot’ shape is designed to stand apart from conventional packaging on retail shelves. It is ideal for fast moving consumer goods, such as olive and salad oils, fruit drinks and broths as well as liquid soaps.”


Here’s what we know about it from the press release and from recent information provided to Packaging Digest by Allen Ward, VP, sales, Mondi Jackson, Consumer Goods Packaging:

Sizes: 350mL to 1L;

Styles: Can be produced with clear windows to showcase products having striking colors such as cranberry juices or with tinted windows.

Printing: Typically flexographic or rotogravure printing and can be enhanced with metallic inks and matte finishes.

Structure: Typical is three layer, but can be provided in a monolayer to 4-layer specialized structure.

Handle: The handle is aligned at approximately a 25 degree angle to make the pouch easy to control when pouring. The handle can be die cut into a variety of shapes for additional visual distinction.

Machinability: Compatible for conventional fillers through top or spout.

Cost: Similar to standard stand-up pouches.

Status: “It attracted a lot of attention at Pack Expo 2016,” states Allen, “and we've had customer inquiries since then.”


For a sales information:  [email protected].

For a technical information: [email protected], VP, product development, Mondi Jackson, Consumer Goods Packaging.


Website: Mondi Jackson, Consumer Goods Packaging



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