High-speed labeler has automated variable height adjustment

Rick Lingle in Print-and-Apply Labelers on October 26, 2016

The L-A 6000 labeler handles variable-sized cartons and boxes at high speeds with accurate shipping information. It uses the tamp-blow method to print-and-apply up to 40 labels per minute to products that vary in height up to 19.68 inches/500mm.

A sensor initially determines the height of the approaching product to move the applicator to the correct position. This development ensures accurate placement at speeds up to 50% faster than a label printer-applicator with a pneumatically driven cylinder.

The redesigned microprocessor controller is compact for easy integration onto the line. The modular construction allows easy access to components and interchangeable dispensing heads allow the use of different size labels. Using print engines from Zebra or SATO, it can print thermal-transfer or direct thermal-print labels. 

An ergonomically adjustable reel holder handles label rolls up to 13.7in./350mm in diameter to reduce downtime for label roll changes.

Weber Packaging Solutions (www.weberpackaging.com), Pack Expo Booth S-3541

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