New print/apply labeler design eliminates common causes of downtime

Lisa Pierce in Print-and-Apply Labelers on May 22, 2014

The Videojet 9550 LPA print-and-apply labeler has been engineered to eliminate many of the mechanisms that cause most of the usual problems, such as label jams, ribbon breaks and the need for manual adjustments. With this design, Videojet Technologies was able to eliminate 80 percent of wear parts (vs competitive systems), which reduces the top reasons for downtime.

The system replaces the typical tamp or air blast applicator with a direct drive system with Intelligent Motion technology. Steve Buckby, vp of innovation at Videojet Technologies, explains: “Intelligent Motion technology enables all the design elements of the machine to be automatically controlled with precision, allowing us to simply take out the parts and adjustments that make most other labeling machines fail.”

And, with the direct drive system, there is no need for any manual adjustments, clutches or nip rollers. A collapsible mandrel enables quick label changes and speeds of up to 150 cases per minute for a typical 4 x 6-inch shipping label is possible.

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