Next-gen print-and-apply system meets Industry 4.0 protocols

The XPA 934 meets digital requirements via a multitude of interfaces and real-time data available instantly to support print and apply processes in Industry 4.0 environments.


Fully loaded and enabled for leading-edge capabilities, the XPA 934 print-and-apply system is engineered for ease of installation and use by any level of customer.

Some key features:

  • Easy material handling and quick change of label and ribbon material;
  • The machine’s compactness also allows it be mounted in any position to ensure maximum integration flexibility;
  • 100% tool-free maintenance and replacement of wear parts reduce downtime and increase productivity;
  • Reduced manual handling result from quick, automatic adjustments and transfer of settings after changing the print head or material;
  • The high robustness of the XPA 934 together with easy maintenance and quick material changes help ensure maximum uptime.

The system also meets digital requirements with a a multitude of interfaces and real-time data that can be called up at any time support print & apply processes in Industry 4.0. These include multi-stage, configurable I/O points with M12 connectors for readily adaptable system interfaces. A cross-media provision of information ensures connection via LAN interface, access to operating instructions via convenient QR code and cable-free 1:1 connection via USB stick.

Capability for remote operation via an optional 7-inch Panel PC that permits real-time data retrieval and error messages.

While Novexx only entered the market in 2015 and may be a new name for U.S. customers, the company offers 50 years’ experience in the industrial identification and labeling business. How? It originated from Avery Dennison’s Industrial Print & Apply (IPA) line of business and now leverages its global know-how with the drive of a midsize enterprise to help customers advance their supply-chain capabilities.

See the new XPA 934 in person during WestPack 2020 (Feb. 11-13; Anaheim, CA) in Novexx Booth 5378.

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