Adding high-speed, high-resolution printing to a pouch-making system

Daphne Allen in Printers on January 08, 2018

To increase package automation and reduce preprinted inventory, medical device packagers often consider inline package forming and printing. One option is the QuickPouch pouch-making system. At Pack Expo Las Vegas 2017, Videojet Technologies mounted one of its printers on a QuickPouch system, demonstrating the potential for high-speed, high-resolution printing on Tyvek pouches and other formats.

Nick Knapp, a Videojet Regional Product Manager, explains that the QuickPouch system is ideal for use with Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO) technology. “The Videojet 6420 and the new 6530 with iAssure code quality assurance technology can be integrated with the poucher for high-speed, high-resolution printing,” he tells PMP News. “Another printing technology, continuous ink-jet, is also a widely used solution for pouch printing.”

The QuickPouch/Videojet solution could especially interest medical device manufacturers concerned with UDI requirements, Knapp says. “Manufacturers who print on medical device packaging or on test kit packaging can benefit from our TTO and QuickPouch solution,” he explains. “The Videojet 6530 running on the QuickPouch system can provide high-contrast and consistent alphanumeric codes, logos, and bar codes at speeds meeting industry standards.”

For instance, in terms of bar code grading, “tests have shown that the new Videojet 6530 TTO and new Videojet 15-Z55JQ10 ribbon together have consistently achieved grades of ‘A’ and ‘B’ on Tyvek,” he says.

At Pack Expo, Videojet ran the 6530 and QuickPouch at 50 ft./min. using the new Videojet 15-Z55JQ10 ribbon specifically designed for printing on rough textures, Knapp explains. “However, Videojet TTO systems can often print much faster depending on the substrate’s compatibility with the ribbon,” he says. “As there are different grades of Tyvek and other materials, we recommend that customers take advantage of the Videojet sample lab, where a number of tests can be run to ensure the application is optimized.”   

All-film pouches can also be printed using this solution, but “different films may require different ribbons to ensure the best print quality,” he explains. “For use in Videojet TTO printers, Videojet currently offers 9 different ribbon grades and 12 different colors.”

When asked whether the print would survive sterilization or high-heat processes, Knapp says that “high-heat sterilization of these printed Tyvek pouches is not common and the composition of Videojet 15-Z55JQ10 ribbon and typical TTO ribbons does not allow for survival of high-heat sterilization processes. While the new ribbon has not yet been certified for EtO low temperature sterilization processing on Tyvek pouches, Videojet expects it to perform well.”

For more details, visit Videojet at Booth #5001 and Quick Pouch at Booth #5089 at WestPack February 6-8 in Anaheim, CA.


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