Could Dippin' Dots technology benefit your products?

Daphne Allen in Product Safety on January 04, 2018

Dippin' Dots have provided tasty refreshment for decades. But could the technology behind the flash-frozen beaded ice cream also be used for medical and pharmaceutical products?

Dippin' Dots is launching Dippin' Dots Cryogenics LLC to offer its "patented technology and equipment to other industries where cryogenics is applicable including nutraceutical, pharmacy, agriculture, aquaculture, and animal feed," it was announced this week in a news release. The company's process employs liquid nitrogen to flash freeze products. 

Stan Jones, Dippin' Dots chief development officer, tells PMP News that the technology is being proposed for medical and pharmaceutical products. "Many of the essential oils and other substances that require flash freezing for high freeze quality and further freeze drying processes will benefit from this technology," he explains. "This makes the product in powder form that can be encapsulated with a long shelf life. Some of Dippin’ Dots’ equipment is currently freezing aloe oil from the aloe plant used in many vitamin and dietary supplements. Many other products will benefit from this technology."

Examples given of potential applications include probiotics, bacterial cultures, and plant extractions.

Preservation of the product depends on storage after our processing, Jones says. “What this technology does is provide the fastest freezing technology that provides the highest quality product as ice crystals are much smaller than from similar processes," he explains. "Smaller ice crystals equate to higher quality. If the product is freeze dried after processing through our equipment, it would then be very well preserved. Our process for flash freeze pelletizing makes freeze drying more efficient by increasing the surface area of the product so the moisture can be removed.”

When asked whether there would be any particular packaging required for the process, Jones told PMP News that "packaging will depend on the product. Products coming from the Dippin’ Dots processor might be the finished product, which would require packaging that would handle cryogenic temperatures, or the product coming might be a component or a blend for another finished product, which would require less temperature sensitive packaging." 

Based on customer needs, the Dippin' Dots Cryogenic team can customize machines from its exclusive equipment manufacturer. The machines employ a clean-in-place process and can be sized from small-scale pilot plant systems to high-capacity units that could produce 2000 kg per hour. Specifications such as control systems and steam cleaning can be tailored to each client.

"The small footprint and exceptional volume capacity is what makes the Dippin' Dots Cryogenics processor stand out," said Jones in a statement. "We understand its capabilities beyond what we foundationally use it for and look forward to sharing our innovations with other industries."

Dippin' Dots CEO Scott Fischer added in the statement: "This is the next logical step for us as an organization. Dippin' Dots Cryogenics not only increases the Dippin' Dots portfolio and global footprint, but also allows our systems to be utilized across various industries to improve and enhance products. We're proud to officially extend our extensive cryogenic knowledge and experience to benefit other organizations."

For additional information regarding Dippin' Dots Cryogenics LLC, contact [email protected].

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Hi, Good and interesting blog to read.I got many useful information what I Am searching for.Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. Kindly give me more information regarding this topic
Hi, Good and interesting blog to read.I got many useful information what I Am searching for.Thanks for sharing such a valuable information. Kindly give me more information regarding this topic