2 ecommerce packaging solutions that deliver real-time efficiency

Rick Lingle in Protective Packaging on October 06, 2015

The growth and interest in ecommerce was evident at Pack Expo Las Vegas, exemplified by these cost-saving solutions to make the packaging process speedier and more efficient while minimizing the use of packaging.


I experienced a fortuitously auspicious start to the three-day Pack Expo Las Vegas last week on an impromptu visit first thing Monday morning to the booth of Sealed Air. In fact, my arrival at the show’s 9AM start coincided with the completion of a preshow “pep talk” from Sealed Air president, product care, Kenneth Chrisman. To my good fortune, Chrisman was immediately available as my in-booth tour guide.

When I asked him about the company’s involvement in packaging for ecommerce, Chrisman responded that 25% of Sealed Air’s global business is ecommerce. He then stated that 20% of all ecommerce is for apparel as we walked to the company’s brand new FloWrap Automated Mailer system (shown above).

Based on the venerable Shanklin flow-wrapping platform, the machine is engineered for apparel and other products that can be poly-bagged. Using a preset width of film, the FloWrap provides real-time, inline measurement of product height and length to custom- and right-size the packaging for that particular product at rates to 30 packs per minute or more.

A print-and-apply labeling system provides a crucial touch, resulting in what Sealed Air claims is a fully-scanned, labeled, manifested and validated package that’s ready for expedient shipment without an inch of wasted material or void space.

That flexible packaging solution neatly led to a similar real-time strategy applied to rigid packaging when Chrisman led me to a machine a few feet away that right-sizes every shipping case…


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