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Rick Lingle in Protective Packaging on October 06, 2015


Introduced in August, the e-Cube “void-reduction packaging” engineered for order fulfillment uses industry standard regular slotted case (RSC) blanks. Like the FloWrap, the system handles various size shipments and is designed to adjust in real-time, with the e-Cube instead adjusting on-the-fly to the box contents. The e-Cube takes precise measurements of the height of the contents, scores and folds the excess corrugated and seals the flaps automatically to create a perfect fit for various heights of loaded products for multiple SKUs.

Chrisman says the system, which targets users packaging 300 to 3,000 boxes daily, can reduce void-fill requirements by 60%.

Notably, the system provides the most in payback for return-on-investment (ROI) to customers via the resultant freight savings—10 to 30%, he says—than  for material savings due to the reduced box sizes configured by the e-Cube’s per-order, on-demand operation.

According to Chrisman, the high-speed system is capable of providing an ROI of less than a year for operations packaging 250,000 boxes or more per year.

The appearance of the e-Cube system at Pack Expo Las Vegas was itself a fast turnaround: Sealed Air acquired B+ Equipment, the France-based maker of the e-Cube system, just a month earlier.

"One of Sealed Air’s goals is to have our customers using less packaging,” Chrisman says of these developments.

For more information about the company, visit Sealed Air’s webpage.


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