3 ways 'The Amazon Effect' impacts protective packaging

Rob Kaszubowski in Protective Packaging on October 17, 2016

The rise of Amazon leads to an increase in Final Mile deliveries. Is your packaging prepared? It is if you have balanced packaging and damage costs for ecommerce distribution.


Amazon is the biggest and busiest online retailer on the planet, surpassed in volume only by Chinese giant online retailer Alibaba. Amazon is so big the company essentially “creates its own weather” and even has its own designation, “The Amazon Effect,”  to describe how the company is driving change throughout the retail, supply chain and logistics industries.

So what does this growth in Amazon’s ecommerce volume have to do with packaging across North America and around the globe?

It’s now easier than ever for product manufacturers to sell and ship their products directly to the consumer through Amazon. Products that in the past had only been sold in a retail brick and mortar store can now be ordered online and delivered to your front door step. This is old news for small packages shipped via single parcel.

But what about the big, heavy, lumpy stuff you used to have to use a truck and a trailer to pick up at the store? I’m talking exercise equipment, ping-pong tables, flat screen TV’s, baby furniture.

Yes, those can be drop-shipped direct to your house, too!

But while the convenience factor in ordering large bulky items and getting them to your home has greatly increased, this “last-mile” delivery leg of the trip requires a whole different mode of shipping and delivery service that will continue to impact packaging design and materials selection for years to come.

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