Consumers reveal perceptions, and pet peeves, of e-commerce packaging

Kate Bertrand Connolly in Protective Packaging on November 19, 2014

As online sales of consumer goods continue to grow, so does demand for packaging that meets the shipping requirements of those goods. A recent Harris Poll conducted on behalf of cushioning leader Sealed Air examines packaging’s role in online sales.

The 2014 Sealed Air e-Commerce Survey: Packaging for e-Commerce Success explores issues such as e-commerce growth, order-processing speeds, how packaging reflects on retailers, how it conveys the value of shipments, how product damage affects the consumer/retailer relationship, attitudes toward environmentally friendly packaging and consumers’ pet peeves about packaging.

“Without the right packaging materials in place, online retailers face increased risks of damage during fulfillment and delivery that can not only elevate costs during return and repair, but significantly impact consumers’ perceptions of that business,” says Ken Chrisman, president of Sealed Air’s Product Care Div.

“The benefits of offering the most sustainable, affordable or best-looking package will be lost if it doesn’t perform its primary function—ensuring items reach consumers unharmed,” Chrisman adds. “Our…survey showed that preventing damage through packaging can make the difference between retaining consumers’ future business and losing them to a competitor.”

Harris Poll conducted the online survey in the United States in August 2014 on behalf of Sealed Air Product Care. The survey included 2,010 adults.

Click here to read the survey’s executive summary.

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