Wild 3D packaging for CD

David Bellm in Protective Packaging on August 25, 2009

CD and DVD packaging are one of the most fertile segments out there as far as inspired visuals that challenge conventions. That said, sometimes it can be hard to find something that really stands out within the category – when there are so many really unique designs, the cleverness sort of becomes a blur. 

But I recently came across this compelling package by Korean artist Kwon Ji-Yong – better known by his stage name G-Dragon – the leader of the Korean musical group Big Bang. He recently came out with his first solo effort, “Heartbreaker.” 

While the design is maybe a tad melodramatic and over-the-top in places, the overall effect is quite interesting. And overall, it’s a visual feast. The packaging has the flavor of a fine art object – a sculpture that opens into a painting, and then another, and another. Moreover, the piece seems to have a real interactivity, a feeling of discovery as the user explores it.

No it’s not the kind aesthetic one might consider for, say, a new fruit beverage or a children’s toy. But there is value in its inspiration, and it shows what can be done if one dares to push things a little bit. 

(I didn’t shoot this video, and I’m not sure what the "competition" is that he refers to at the end. Can anyone shed some light on that?)




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Now what really would have been cool is if the eyes had opened to stare when the lid came off. Better yet have the eyes follow you around the room! Spooky creepy but really cool.
g-dragon's simply da best.
I believe the "competition" he is referring to is more like a "contest". The person who made this video is holding a contest in which the top 4 winners will receive a copy of G Dragon's solo album. Also, the runner up will win 2NE1's album, shown at the end. The details of the contest can be viewed via a link on the video creator's youtube channel.
Makes sense -- I'll have to check out the contest link when I have a chance. Thanks for the info!