Recyclable displays “POP” attention at retail : Page 2 of 3

By Rick Lingle in Retail Packaging on March 31, 2015

This display was monstrously successful.

Trumari maintains that its displays are:

  • Produced sustainably through patented structural technology and made of 100% recyclable materials comprising high-quality paper, natural latex rubber and earth-friendly inks; Lamas are produced in an eco-friendly, ISO-certified facility. The displays are reusable displays or can be disposed of in a traditional recycling bin.
  • Foldable, compact and lightweight, and many can be shipped in a container roughly the size of an extra-large pizza box. As a result, Trumari claims that companies can typical save 65-75%  in shipping compared with traditional displays;
  • They deploy easily with little to no assembly required: Users simply take the Lama out of the box, hold the top and unfold it; the display is designed to easily spring into place within a matter of seconds.
  • In the above example, The Walt Disney Company and Kellogg’s wanted to alert families about a fun cereal box-top promotion for free tickets to the Monsters University movie. The team created an eye-catching 6-foot tall display specially designed to be easily transportable in a compact space. The resulting display used at more than 5,700 grocery stores nationwide was a great success as an attention-getting merchandising solution.

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