Retail-ready shipper: Product of the Day

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Retail Packaging on April 29, 2014

The Cabrio Case performs as a shipper to protect product during storage and shipping then transforms in stores into a retail-ready display tray with a simple, single opening motion. The case is formed by the company’s Trayfecta S4 1500 XL and closed by the Capstone F2 550 closer at speeds up to 55 cases per minute. Packages (such as pouches) are loaded and shipped horizontally so product can settle and cases can be compact. Once opened, the case is reoriented to display products vertically on the shelf. According to the company, this case design saves up to 20 percent in corrugated material compared to the standard tear-away regular-slotted container (RSC).


Delkor Systems, 800-328-5558

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