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Rick Lingle in Retail Packaging on June 25, 2015

With the ink barely dry on the v2.0 rollout, Farwell introduced what she called GV v2.1 (above) that includes a U.S.-driven change to the logo that will migrate from the states onto Canadian products.

Great Value 2.1 will offer a more modern typography and introduce what Walmart calls “banner and tombstone”—top and bottom graphic callouts—along with “depth and richness” in the background treatment.

Farwell frankly admitted that Costco’s Kirkland brand wins on quality and value, but implied that these changes in the works should close that gap that include the next step beyond the GV graphics designs: To put these products that promote quality and value into “new and different packaging,” she said, adding “and for that we have lots of ideas.”


Farwell also referenced Walmart’s Blackweb brand of premium electronics products that is now in Canada, the U.S. and 14 other countries. The brand encompasses headphones, speakers and tablet and laptop accessories. “We worked back and forth between many trade names, but ‘Blackweb’ scored best (90%) with the targeted ‘tweens market,” she said. One option that was subsequently dropped was to call the line “firefly.”

Marketed especially toward 'tweens, teens and young adults, Blackweb relies on innovative products and packaging as crucial “silent sellers” for the brand.

She prefaced her remarks at this point about how complicated of a process is brand development, which involves category managers and OPP—opening price-point—analysis. OPP was the Sam Walton-created mantra to lure consumers in with a good value surrounded by higher-priced goods.


Walmart’s Pure Balance Premium Dog and Cat Food is next…

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Who is the distribution for great value vanilla and cinnamon coffee cream milk
Bought earphones at Walmart. Blackweb label. What the FUCK is with the packaging? It took me 20 minutes to get it open. Last purchase for me