Winning retail packaging starts with attention to detail: Page 2 of 6

Rick Lingle in Retail Packaging on April 27, 2015

Pressurized aluminum spray bottles of Irresistibles brand olive oil from the Metro store chain in Canada stood out as "black beauties" exemplary of what a store-branded product can be when it’s done right. The bottles are decorated using striking black-printed, full-body shrink labels. I thought this color scheme that served as a backdrop to an iconic green olive on the front of the sleeve label ran counter to what was expected in the edible oils segment and adds a generous amount of premium-level distinction. The tightly shrunk sleeve conformed to the contoured bottle top-to-bottom as if it were printed on. I was also impressed by the two-tone sprayer trigger that effortlessly delivered whatever amount of product was needed and that the shaped bottle was an ergonomically designed pleasure to hold. In many ways this was an irrestistibly planned and executed design.


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