Winning retail packaging starts with attention to detail: Page 6 of 6

Rick Lingle in Retail Packaging on April 27, 2015

I saved one of the most suprising entries until last: A product that likely qualifies as that rarest of introductions, a category buster, solely because of its packaging: Brookshire’s trash bags are packaged in a composite can. Packaging a cylindrical product, a roll of waste bags, in a canister is ingenious. It literally fits the clichéd phrase “outside the box thinking” even though now that someone has done it, the choice seems obvious. Perforations on the canister side permit easy opening of the package. I'd suspect that the canister requires less kraft paper and would overall be a more optimized package than a box. Although the graphics design leaves a little to be desired, the startling packaging format provides a high note on which to finish our store brand sampling.

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