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Plexpack Corporation

Plexpack manufactures a wide variety of bag sealers, sleeve wrappers, & shrink tunnel machines to suit all packaging needs.

Plexpack Corp. is an international leader in the manufacturing of high quality packaging equipment. We design, manufacture, sell and service Emplex bag sealers and Damark L bar sealers, shrink wrappers, shrink tunnels and shrink bundlers. Being a customer centric company, we welcome the opportunity to provide customers with unique packaging solutions through combination systems and custom machines. Since our inception in 1973, we have grown into one of the world’s most recognized bag sealing and shrink packaging manufacturers. With the purchase of any of our machines, customers can look forward to prompt and reliable service from our service team. Our Emplex bag sealers and Damark shrink packaging systems provide efficient and reliable service to our customers and our machines can be found in production plants across the globe. We offer a wide range of flexible packaging equipment including:

Emplex Bag Sealing Solutions
• Standard, Industrial, Validatable, Portable Bag Sealers
• Semi-Automatic & Automatic Bag Sealers
• Hot Air and Vacuum Bag Sealers

Damark Shrink Packaging Systems
• Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic L Bar Sealers
• Heat Shrink Tunnels & Bundlers
• Semi-Automatic & Fully Automatic Sleeve Wrappers
• Fully Automatic Total Enclosure Shrink Wrappers
• Tray Wrappers

Plexpack provides sales and service in English, Spanish and French.

Office Locations:
• Toronto, Canada
• Palm Harbor, USA

Supplier Categories: 
Shrink Wrappers and Tunnels
We manufacture a wide variety of bag sealers, sleeve wrappers, & shrink tunnel machines to suit all packaging needs.
Plexpack Corporation Content
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