Dairy reshapes PET bottle for national expansion

Rick Lingle in Rigid Containers on March 07, 2016

A packaging change to a proprietary, ergonomic PET bottle paired with a new label design that meshes nostalgia with a modern look across 25 milk SKUs positions Promised Land Dairy for brand recognition nationally.


For small companies, the promised land of business success is to grow from a local icon into a national player. That’s no different for Promised Land Dairy, Dallas, TX, which is relying on major changes to its milk packaging to help the brand gain recognition across America. The dairy, which has seen 45% growth in adding 2,536 stores over the past three years, continues to expand throughout the U.S. and will be available nationally by mid-2016.

In conjunction with that expansion the company is now introducing a new and improved custom PET milk-bottle design for 14oz single-serve, quart and half-gallon sizes of flavored and white milks that’s easier to grip, pour, and open. The new packaging will be across the brand’s entire milk portfolio of some 25 SKUs including limited-time flavors such as Mint Chocolate Chip Milk, Salted Carmel Latte Milk and Egg Nog for the holiday season. 

The new bottle and packaging design has been in development for about a year, according to Allen Spence, director of marketing for parent company Borden Dairy Co. He says that PET continues as the bottle polymer for two reasons: Its part of the brand’s heritage, and consumers want to see the rich and creamy product inside, as they have since the launch in 1987.

“The design began as a vision of our packaging design firm, The Launch Point, and was finessed to completion by bottle supplier CKS Packaging to our manufacturing specifications,” Spence says. “CKS was elected for its expertise in dairy packaging and strong design capabilities, especially at it relates to packaging ergonomics. It is a new supplier for us and they have been a great partner.

“Our previous bottle, while beautiful, was not proprietary to us, and with our national expansion plans in place, we did not want to not own our bottle. We wanted to maintain key brand equities, modernize the look and feel, as well as our label to provide more shelf impact. The bottle is part of our story, and we love a good story!

Spence tells the rest of the packaging and design story in a Q&A that on the next page that starts with the benefits of the new bottle—and how it is more spill-proof now.

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