Glass packaging is clearly growing globally

Rick Lingle in Rigid Containers on December 16, 2014

For being a “mature” packaging format, the $58 billion global market for glass containers seems to be anything but static, growing annually at 3.9% CAGR 2014-2019, according to a new report Glass Packaging Market by Applications and by Geography - Global Trends & Forecast to 2019 from Research and Markets.


Some report highlights:


The largest market for glass packaging is Asia-Pacific;


The fastest growth is in alcohol beverages, driven especially by the above market and Eastern Europe;


The market in food containers is declining in North America;


The market for pharmaceutical packaging is growing in North America and Europe.



For old news on glass packaging, read our recent report on glass bottles from the fascinating National Bottle Museum in New York.


For a sneak peek at fresh news on glass packaging: Before Christmas, we will be posting at the site a feature on a brand owner’s launch of a new, consumer-driven glass container and the new production line at the state-of-the-art facility that packages it. The above image that shows the jars speeding along on a conveyor at the New York plant serves as a teaser.


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