New rigid containers showcase dairy and more: Page 2 of 3

By Rick Lingle in Rigid Containers on September 21, 2015

Berry Plastic’s new Qubic space-saving rectangular containers are a sharp departure from round containers and are suitable for yogurt and a range of other dairy and deli products. Compare with rounds, they promise up to 25% more product on-shelf density, according to Berry Plastics.

Qubic containers are stackable and can be film-sealed. Adding to the visual impact are the containers’ impressively colorful Iconic printing, more fully realized when seen against the opaque white structure.

According to Piekos, Berry Plastics found in research that consumers felt the Qubic containers were more organized in the refrigerator when compared to rounds. She says the preprinted containers also offer a simplified production advantage over shrink-sleeved containers.

Qubic containers are available in 8-, 12-, 16-, 24- and 32-oz sizes in PP along with a standard lid.


Next up: Is it a bottle or a carton? Turns out it’s both….

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