Inventive tray-style display package is reclosable

Rick Lingle in Rigid Containers on August 25, 2014

This packaging alternative to sealed thermoform, clamshell or blister packages from Display Pack uses a top portion that slides along a channel in the package to provide reclosure.


This invention seems to be from the “Why didn’t I think of that?” school of thought. Instead, it was Display Pack Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, that saw a need for a more stable, reclosable and economical package as an alternative to sealed thermoform, clamshell or blister packages that may be damaged when opening the package.


The patent describes the invention as having a tray, a panel and a cover that slides along a channel formed by the tray and panel. Depending on the design, the cover can slide into the tray or it can be snap-fit into place into a channel.


The package allows a potential customer to inspect the packaged article(s) at the point of sale and can easily be opened and closed by a consumer. From a production standpoint, it is claimed that the package can be initially loaded with product and assembled without the need for expensive sealing equipment. The components are stackable to optimize storage space.


Among other options, a pressure-sensitive sticker can provide a tamper­-evident seal.


Read the patent filing for more information.


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