Combined Robotic Packer-Palletizer Saves Floor Space

Productivity improves with highly optimized integration between case packing and palletizing.

Bob Sperber, Managing Editor, Packaging Digest; Editor, Branded Content, IME

January 11, 2021

Need a palletizer but don’t have the room? You’re in luck. Schneider’s Add-A-Pal combines a case packer and single/dual-pallet palletizer into an integrated, unitized solution using less floor space than separate systems. It uses a Fanuc robot with a Schneider designed end-of-arm tool (EOAT) to pick product, insert a slip sheet, stretch wrap, and get those pallets stacked. It’s a short video but packs lots of information — plus a pretty rockin’ soundtrack.

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Bob Sperber

Managing Editor, Packaging Digest; Editor, Branded Content, IME, Informa Markets - Engineering (IME)

Bob Sperber is a writer, editor, and content producer with more than three decades of experience on topics spanning engineering, manufacturing, and digital transformation. Areas of work span many aspects of physical and digital assets.

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