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Seal-It, Inc, a division of Printpack is very excited to introduce Plastic Suppliers EarthFirst(R) TDO Shrink film, to our existing group of shrink films, PVC, PETG & OPS. This new film made from with Natureworks(R) PLA corn based resin, is not petroleum based and is environmentally friendly and compostable. It is heat shrinkable and suitable for any shrink sleeve label project. For the last 20 years, Seal-It has manufactured shrink labels and tamper-evident bands from PVC, PETG & OPS. EarthFirst is a great addition to our family of films. Each film has its own special characteristics, which lends itself to specific projects. EarthFirst has many of the same properties as other films including excellent machineability, clarity, printability (can be printed to 10 colors in rotogravure or modified flexographic), and shrinkage (up to 75%). EartFirst film is different in that it is made from an annually renewable resource, corn. Seal-It, Inc. a division of Printpack, Inc. is a manufacturer, converter and printer of heat shrinkable PVC, PETG, OPS & EarthFirst(R) PLA films that are used for tamper-evident bands, shrink labels and sleeves for mulitpacks. We print up to 10 colors in rotogravure or modified flexographic and operate out of two facilities in Farmingdale, NY. Earthfirst(R) is a registered trademark of Plastic Suppliers, Inc. Earthfirst(R) PLA Film is made with Natureworks(R) PLA. (BOLD) Seal-It,Inc. [email protected] Booth,C-503

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