Bols debuts first foaming liqueur

By Posted by Lisa McTigue Pierce in Shipping Containers on May 31, 2011

Bols debuts first foaming liqueurLucas Bols B.V. and Rexam Personal Care—two firms with long traditions of innovation—have teamed to create the world's first foam liqueurs.


Bols Foam, created by this Holland-based leader in the worldwide cocktail sector, will target on- and off-premise accounts with six specially formulated foam liqueurs. Each 200-mL bottle of Bols Foam is paired with a silk-screened, Lucas Bols-branded version of the internationally proven Rexam M3 mini-foamer.


The Rexam M3 with S10 engine creates two liters of foaming liqueur from a single, 200-mL bottle of Bols Foam. The foam holds for up to 15 minutes, for optimal service staff-and consumer-appeal when used to top either hot or cold drinks, or desserts. Bols Foam multi packs launched first, to be followed by single packs.


"Our work with Lucas Bols is the latest example of a partnership with a forward-thinking brand owner that results in a promising new product category," says Casper Kleiman, product manager, foam, Rexam Personal Care. "On- and off-premise accounts will soon discover the consumer appeal and application variety of Bols Foam. Our foamers will help add new taste sensations to cocktails, mixed drinks, coffees and desserts worldwide."


Initial Bols Foam flavors will include: Bols Blue, Bols Crème de Cassis, Bols Banana, Bols Amaretto, Bols Cacao White and Bols Peppermint Green.


Like other members of the Rexam foamer family, each M3 takes a small amount of liquid, mixes it with the exact amount of air and—with a single actuation and without chemicals or propellants—creates creamy, rich, long-lasting and controllable foam.


The Bols brand was established in Amsterdam in 1575 and is the world's oldest distilled spirit company. The Bols Liqueurs range comprises more than 36 flavors. Today, the company is renowned for its commitment to innovation and excellence and is one of the world's leading cocktail liqueurs and spirit producers, with distribution in 110 countries.


Source: Rexam

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