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Kernel Season's relaunch features a packaging refresh

Kernel Season's relaunch features a packaging refresh
Kernel Seasonings new pkg


Kernel Seasonings new pkgFor more than a decade, Kernel Season's has played a starring role in the nation's popcorn eating habits, vowing to rid America of naked popcorn. Today, Kernel Season's continues to keep things popping as it unveils a new look and fresh take on its all natural, premium line of sweet, savory and bold popcorn seasonings.

The full-line packaging refresh features bolder colors and an updated logo, highlighting the irresistible flavors and high-quality popcorn products consumers have come to love and expect from Kernel Season's. Whether it's oil, air or microwave popped popcorn; Kernel Season's offers a wide variety of shake-on seasonings and premium flavor enhancers to create endless, healthy snacking occasions.


"Over the past thirteen years, we've celebrated many great moments in Kernel Season's history from new seasonings to greater expansion at retail and movie theaters nationwide," says Brian Taylor, founder and president of Kernel Season's. "We've reached another milestone with the re-launch of Kernel Season's. Our fun personality and exciting seasoning blends are now reflected on our packaging for all to see!"


Taylor responded to Packaging Digest's inquiry with answers to the following packaging-centered questions:


What was the reasoning for the changes?
The idea was to take what was on the inside of the seasoning jars and popcorn pouches -exciting flavors, unique seasoning blends and high-quality ingredients - and reflect it in the new packaging. Additionally, we wanted to build greater brand awareness and create an ‘ownable' look and feel. We also believed the new packaging would help Kernel Season's gain traction outside of the popcorn aisle as a versatile product with secondary usage occasions.

What were the basic design goals and changes from Old vs New? 

Kernel Season's has undergone a complete packaging refresh for its entire product line-up of Popcorn Seasonings, Popping Corn, Popcorn Spritzer and Movie Theatre Butter Popping and Topping Oil. The goal behind the design change was to create a fun, light-hearted, cool and energetic look and feel for the brand. The new packaging features bolder colors, an updated logo (clean shape and contained text), new call outs, exciting cues (color and imagery) and fun font changes. Specifically, the changes are:

• Logo communicates the fun, lighthearted spirit of Kernel Season's with impact and quality cues;
• Bottle shape reflects ergonomics and ease of use;
• Flavor variety colors - reinforce the fun, colorful, creative side of the brand;
• Communicates flavor with impact while maintaining a fun spirit;
• Conveys ‘not bad for you' with ‘no artificial ingredients' and real ingredient imagery;
• Suggests additional usage with visual/verbal call-outs.


Can you credit a design firm for this effort?
Dragon Rouge was the agency that helped with the packaging refresh and overall brand relaunch.


When was the new package introduced, for how many SKUs and what is the MSRP?
We revealed the new packaging on June 30th at Summer Fancy Food Show in NYC. The Kernel Season's new packaging is currently making the transition now through the fall at retailers and movie theaters nationwide. The new packaging will be used on all SKUs, including the Popcorn Seasonings, Popping Corn, Popcorn Spritzer and Movie Theatre Butter Popping and Topping Oil. The MSRP for the Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasoning retail jar is $2.99 and is available at grocery stores, mass channel and specialty retailers nationwide.


Product and ingredient information

Kernel Season's Popcorn Seasonings are made with all natural blends and real ingredients and contain zero fat, five calories or less per serving, no MSG and 56 percent less sodium than other popcorn seasoning products.

In addition to the popular gourmet seasonings, popcorn fans can turn to Kernel Season's for all their popcorn popping needs. From premium popcorn kernels to butter spritzer and oil for popping and topping, Kernel Season's has everything needed to make the naturally delicious snack at home. All Kernel Season's products are certified Kosher (CRC-Chicago Rabbinical Council) and gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group (GIG).

The revamped line of Kernel Season's shake-on seasonings and popcorn products will be available mid-July at mass channel and specialty retailers nationwide. To find a retailer or to purchase online, visit




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