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October Promising Packaging Patents

October Promising Packaging Patents
Plastic beer keg with liner


Plastic beer keg with linerPlastic beer keg with liner (shown)
The patent from Rehrig Pacific Co. relates to large, multiple-serving beverage containers such as a beer keg. In supporting the invention of a plastic beer keg, the filing points to the downsides for the most currently preferred format, stainless-steel kegs: high initial cost, the attraction for theft and the costs associated with their recovery and reuse.


This improved keg includes a container having a base and a wall extending upward from a periphery of the base and has a liner with a base that interlocks with the base of the outside container to secure it in place. The liner, which may be blow-molded of PET, is pressurized with a gas before being filled with the liquid (beer) to increase the liner's strength. The one-way keg is symmetrical, has a removable lid and offers hand holds.


Hinged beverage cap
A provisional patent filed in June 2013 centers on a hinged beverage cap that comprises a cap and a security ring that, while attached, can also be hand-removed for easy segregation. The concept was sparked after inventor Kirby Kendall read that discarded bottle caps can be ingested by sea life. That's when he decided to create a hinged bottle cap using the design-for-manufacturing approach. Read more at


Retortable plastic container improves base stability
A patent assigned to Graham Packaging Co. is for a retortable plastic container comprising a main body and a bottom with a raised inner portion and at least one substantially flat bottom support surface. It includes several special aspects, including a sidewall portion-shaped as a truncated cone-that extends upwardly from the radially outermost edge of the bottom. This gives the base greater dimensional stability under retort conditions and is claimed to be an improvement over predecessor designs.

MAXStick patents repositionable "green" label
MAXStick Products Ltd., Lancaster, PA, has been issued patent No. 8,445,104 B2 for MAXStick, which is claimed as the world's first liner-free, repositionable adhesive, direct thermal label product designed for everyday use. It is applicable for an assortment of industries including foodservice/hospitality, warehousing, retail, reusable plastic containers and medical diagnostics. MAXStick is crafted to work on standard thermal printers. Unlike most other linerless label products, MAXStick has a silicon-free release coat that makes it easily removable from any surface, yet preserves the integrity of the printhead. The line of five products is recyclable, biodegradable and BPA free. Because MAXStick is of continuous length, any size label can be printed on demand.

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