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Promising Packaging Patents December 2013

Promising Packaging Patents December 2013


Patents-BundlingDowngauged film bundling system cuts costs (shown)
A bundling system applies an apertured plastic film to substantially identical containers such as beverage cans having annular chimes and cylindrical side walls. The carrier stock has shaped apertures to securely retain drinks cans, food cans, bottles and similar containers as a multi-pack unit. The carrier stock is rolled over to engage a tabbed aperture-edge portion progressively from above to below to conform to the containers for unitizing. The method contrasts prior stretch application methods to enable cheaper thinner carrier stock to be used.


Glass container/closure withstands high temps
The invention provides a closure and container package that is made primarily of glass that is suitable for elevated temperature applications such as hot-fill and retort applications. The patent filing defines hot filling done at 185 degrees F and above, and retort applications as temperatures of 260 degrees F. The package also offers a plastic skirt with at least one internal thread segment for removable, threaded securement to the finish.


"Reveal" inks address food safety
Chromatic Technologies Inc. (CTI) has developed patent-pending "reveal inks" that provide "return to fridge" reminders to such temperature-sensitive products as milk, yogurt, salsa, pickles and ketchup. Powered by a combination of thermochromic inks, the inks can be printed onto cans, paper labels, cartons and film. CTI's process allows the message, which is enabled to be ‘on' and ‘off' throughout the life of the package, to be customized.

Two-piece crown cap reduces amount of metal
The patent assigned to Crown Packaging Technology involves a crimp-style bottle crown cap constructed of a shell and a liner that can use less steel than a conventional crown cap. The shell formed of an increased hardness material, including a peripheral skirt and a round panel integrally formed with the skirt comprised of one to three radially symmetric grooves adapted for contacting the bottle's rim upon application of the crown cap onto the bottle; a liner is located on the underside of the panel. The flange is fluted or serrated, and may be configured for either pry-off or twist-off removal.




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