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Valspar's easy-to-use spray paint can frees consumers' creative flair

Valspar's easy-to-use spray paint can frees consumers' creative flair
Valspar spray can


Valspar spray canValspar Paint, a leader in the paint and coatings industry, has introduced a breakthrough spray paint formula and spray can design. The new Valspar Spray Paint allows consumers to discover the transformative power in color more easily than ever.


"Our new Valspar Spray Paint is based on extensive research into everything consumers want in a spray paint-and have never gotten in the past," says Jane Ryder, Valspar. "Simplicity, ease of use and the best colors are at the core of the new design and formula."


Valspar Spray Paint boasts:


Easy-to-use design: The new Valspar Spray Paint can makes the spray painting experience easier, faster and cleaner than ever. The can's large, comfortable finger pad requires 35 percent less finger pressure than other spray paint cans. The patented spray top, an integral part of the can's design, shields the finger from paint for a cleaner spray-painting process and also features a twist-and-lock design, so there is no separate top to remove or replace after use. The built-in twist-and-lock mechanism enables cleaner and safer painting and storage by preventing unintentional spraying when the cap is twisted 90 degrees.


Improved paint formula: Valspar Spray Paint's new formula provides enhanced, consistent coverage, even in small crevices or textured surfaces such as wicker. The paint features a quick-dry formula that allows fast touch ups, without a complicated recoat window. Valspar Spray Paint also dries smoother for a more polished, professional looking project with the perfect finish.


The improved paint formula and intuitive design of the new Valspar Spray Paint minimizes common issues such as finger fatigue, dripping and spitting. Spray painters—from professionals to those exploring "do-it-yourself" projects for the first time—can now easily create better-looking projects in a fraction of the time.


Valspar spray can closure

Valspar partnered with global design consultancy Webb deVlam to create the groundbreaking actuator. Launched in September 2011, this new closure will be used across all of Valspar's premium spray paint offerings, including Automotive and DIY, providing the brand with a marketable platform for growth and future innovation.


Michael Watson, Valspar's global managing director, says, "We saw the need for innovation and differentiation. However, only with the creative and technical skills of Webb deVlam were we able to visualize and commercialize the opportunity. This actuator not only promotes ease of use, one of the key attributes sought by the consumer, but it also provides differentiation in what has been a dormant category, allowing us to further establish the Valspar brand."


Webb deVlam's Innovation team saw an opportunity to create disruption in the category while reinforcing Valspar's brand promise of "Make It Easy" and deliver a value to the consumer. Webb deVlam design director Jason Campbell says, "When you look at the category, it's begging for innovation."


Webb deVlam cross-fertilized their expertise in beauty and personal care to develop the actuator. The firm's involvement included concept generation, consumer research, design development, engineering and production tooling.

The actuator design uses two primary components: a chassis molded in Valspar's signature gray color and the overcap connoting the paint's color and finish.


On prototype tests, consumers gave great feedback, indicating that the new actuator was easy to use, aesthetically appealing, and provided faster and better coverage when compared to other brands.


The new Valspar Spray Paint is available at Lowe's stores nationwide and select independent retailers. A global rollout in Australia and Europe is scheduled for spring 2012. For more information about Valspar spray paint, project ideas or to locate a retailer, visit


Source: The Valspar Corp./Webb deVlam

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