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Trendy foods packed in a pair of pouches

Trendy foods packed in a pair of pouches

We sift through the Specialty Food Assn.’s Top 5 Food Trends to check for packaging innovation and found two distinctive pouches, one for a jerky product and another for hand-made candies.

Last week, a press release from the Specialty Food Association citedthe Top 5 Food Trends spotted at the Summer Fancy Food Show.  Held June 29 – July 1, 2014 at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York, the show boasted chocolates, cheeses, and snack foods from 2,730 specialty food companies representing 49 countries.

The expert panel selected three products exemplary of each of the five trends, which you can read about here.

Through a check of  the 15 products, I have selected two of those whose packaging prompts a closer look.

Pouch makes jerky easy to access

Inspired by a jerky-addicted coworker, I’ve been sampling, buying and eating a whole lot more jerky over the past number of months. That also meant I had occasion to peruse variations in the product packaging.

However, my first pouch, for Field Trip Jerky – Crushed Chilies No. 19 Turkey Jerky, is not just because I like jerky, but because the packaging jumped immediately to the forefront. Picked by the SFA panel for its “Chew On This Trend,” the product can be seen in the image above.

First there’s its homespun package design and a product view window that’s in the shape of a smile. The pleasing graphics design is what I would call “comfortable,” and for a comfort snack food like jerky that works perfectly. Field Trip sounds and looks like a pack you’d take with you.

What pushes this pouch above the average is the vertically oriented opening down the right side of the pouch. Wow. All the jerky packs I’ve seen have been standard, horizontal, across-the-header opening. This is a convenient upgrade consideration that makes it far easier for hands of any size to extract the tasty, high-protein pieces either in occasional snacking or as one continuous process. A 2.15oz pouch sells for $6.

Behold the ‘Mighty Quin’ gumdrops

My second pick is for Quin Smoked Cola Gumdrops, which the SFA picked because it aligned with a “Smoked Signals” trend obviously for smoke-flavor-enhanced foods. Besides a unique combination of flavors, the pouch is classy and dramatic: A nearly full-panel view window on the front web is set off against the foil laminate backing of the rear panel web.

Combined with the bold branding, the package design is decidedly minimalist. And that’s the intent, according to Quin owner and chief candy maker Jami Curl. “The package is minimal on purpose to allow what's inside to shine. Our candy is made with very minimal ingredients and everything we do, from packaging to web design, reflects that.”

The packaging is customized to each flavor through an added pressure-sensitive label (in this case, yellow) describing the product and piece count across the lower right of the front panel. There’s also an easy-tear notch and press-to-seal zipper reclosure.

Opened last July, Quin Candy of Portland, OR, uses stock pouches supplied by Stand Up Pouches and labels it by hand. The products demonstrate how inexpensive it is to make a custom look from a stock package. The product sells for $8.

Designing around the functional needs of consumers: Video

The 2014 Global Food & Beverage Summit was a success last week in the Windy City where there was a plethora of speakers from top brand owners and packaging companies.

Packaging Digest’s Lisa Pierce, executive editor, caught up with David Luttenberger, global packaging director, Mintel, to discuss highlights of the conference. After observing for two days at the summit, Luttenberger comments on how the packaging industry is finally realizing the importance of the functionality of packaging and the value that consumers see in functionality.

Day 1 buzz from the Global Food & Beverage Packaging conference

Day 1 buzz from the Global Food & Beverage Packaging conference
PepsiCo’s Denise Lefebvre spoke on consumer trends.

Whether you were there or not, you may want to read the take attendees had to insightful presentations by thought leaders from PepsiCo, Tampico Beverage, TerraCycle and other companies during Day 1 (Wednesday) from Packaging Digest’s Global Food & Beverage Packaging conference.

Here’s a sampling of Tweets from the conference ( via the hashtag #FBPackaging

Dr Gail Barnes ‏@ZAGrrl 

60% of the world's population lives on $2 a day. Wow. Denise Lefebvre of @Pepsico

Lisa McTigue Pierce ‏@lisajmpierce

Denise, PepsiCo is killing it at #FBPackaging "I don't want monster systems" esp in emerging markets. Think modular machines, varied volumes

David Luttenberger ‏@packaginggeek

Its OK 2 not look like other packages n a category. Its not OK 2 not look like a product n that category says #ScorCreative

Joanna Potts ‏@JoannaGiovanoli 

Tell a story!!!!  People don't remember statistics. Lessons from Mary Zalla and Lauren Kremin

Kari Embree ‏@kariembree 

"Brands are using form, color, iconography & collaboration to be distinctive on shelf." -- Lauren Kremin, Beam Suntory

Lisa McTigue Pierce ‏@lisajmpierce 

Albe Zakes, TerraCycle, speaking remotely at #FBPackaging: 2/3 of all products r packed in non-recycled #packaging

David Luttenberger ‏@packaginggeek 

Is there a lesson 4 packaging 2 learn from "planned obsolescence?" Listening 2 @terracycle's Albe Zakes

Jill Martin ‏@Jill_Martin77 

Visual marketing for millenials #tampicobeverage.  Guess I'm too old to guess what they are selling.

CanadaSmartKitchen ‏@smartkitchenpei 

Thanks Eve Pelonis. Changes on nutritional label info, US and CAN vary:  important for Canadian clients selling to US.

Lisa McTigue Pierce ‏@lisajmpierce 

Kevin Kelly, Emerald Pkg, sees opportunity for thermochromatic ink on flexible #packaging

Dr Gail Barnes ‏@ZAGrrl 

Food waste will be the selling point for sustainability. Kevin Kelly, Emerald Packaging.

David Luttenberger ‏@packaginggeek 

Pouches r next target of eco band says Emerald Packaging CEO

To read more and to track Day 2 tweets, visit

Ultra-light storage containers are strong and stackable

Ultra-light storage containers are strong and stackable

Euro Light (ELB) polypropylene containers for industrial and warehouse applications are 46% lighter than similar-use containers without any loss in durability and strength. ELB containers can withstand up to a 110-pound weight load and permit almost another 10% more payload than conventional containers. Two lid designs are available, either hinged or folding.

They are available in 5 sizes from 12in. x 16in. in 5- and 9-in. heights; and 16in. x 24in. in 5-, 9- and 13-in. heights.

Uniquely-designed corner posts are twist-resistant for withstanding high stacking loads. Ergonomic open-hand grips are located on both ends.

Available designs include a Ribbed Base for strength, a Smooth Base for quiet transport and a Reinforced Welded Base for optimal running properties and high loads. 

The ELB containers are FDA-approved for heavy wash down and extreme temperatures.

SSI Schaefer

704-944-4500 x 3571


Printed electronics agreement advances packaging, The Internet of Things

Printed electronics agreement advances packaging, The Internet of Things
A temperature sensor smart label.

Printed electronics supplier Thinfilm signs an agreement that integrates cloud software, Near-Field Communication (NFC) and physical objects. We assess the packaging implications of this news that includes enhanced consumer interaction and NFC options as well as track-and-trace monitoring of sensitive products.

 On July 15, Thin Film Electronics ASA (, a provider in the development and commercialization of printed electronics, announced a collaboration with EVRYTHNG (, the Web of Things software company that makes physical products smart by connecting them to unique digital identities on the Web.

Through the agreement, Evrythng will integrate its cloud-based, software-as-a-service platform with Thinfilm’s suite of printed electronics products, including the Near-Field Communication (NFC) barcode and Smart Label product families. With combined expertise spanning printed electronics, NFC, and scalable cloud-based software, Thinfilm and Evrythng can deliver an integrated end-to-end solution that extends the boundaries of the Internet of Things to encompass everyday items, including consumables.

We asked Davor Sutija, chief executive officer of Thinfilm, to assess the packaging implications of this development.

What role can packaging and packaged products play in this?

Sutija: Thinfilm’s NFC Barcode tags—the world’s only NFC technology based on printed electronics—will be incorporated into products and product packaging. The unique identification code built into each NFC Barcode will link to a unique digital identity in Evrythng’s robust and highly scalable cloud-based platform to enable interactivity and personalization that has never before been possible at the item level.

With a touch of a user’s mobile phone to a product enabled by Thinfilm and Evrythng, the user can connect directly to that product’s digital identity for enhanced interactivity and functionality. Businesses will enjoy the benefits of enhanced visibility into supply chain activity and consumer behavior, while consumers will enjoy real-time, personalized interaction opportunities, from enhanced warranty registration and recall notification to customized offers for the relevant accessories, upgrades, and related products.

What can be done using an NFC-enabled Smart Label?

Sutija: Evrythng’s cloud-based SaaS platform will be enhanced to support Thinfilm NFC-enabled Smart Labels, which communicate both unique ID and real-time sensor information. This can enable a wide variety of applications, including ubiquitous, low-cost track-and-trace monitoring for temperature-sensitive medical products like pharmaceuticals and vaccines, and food perishables such as meat, seafood and produce.

The initial integration between Thinfilm and Evrythng will allow NFC Barcode tags (either standalone or as part of an NFC-enabled Smart Label) to connect to the Evrythng platform through an NFC-enabled mobile device. Thinfilm memory labels, Smart Label systems, and NFC Barcode tags (either standalone or as part of an NFC-enabled Smart Label) can all be used as part of the comprehensive data collection/management system offered by Thinfilm and Evrythng. Evrythng has a particular interest in our NFC Barcode product, which can be used to effectively connect to Evrythng’s software through NFC-enabled mobile phones and tablets.

How soon would we see tangible results of this partnership for these kinds of interactive products?

Sutija: Evrythng’s cloud-based platform is running commercially today and integration work with Thinfilm’s NFC technology is active now. We expect to announce additional milestones in the future.

For more information, you can read the full release here.

Source: Thin Film Electronics

Enviro-friendly HDPE and calcium carbonate containers debut

Enviro-friendly HDPE and calcium carbonate containers debut

Mushroom Tills target growers and use 25% less plastic than Fabri-Kal’s previous tills. Not only are they lightweight and compact, the company claims that they improve efficiency.

The tills are identified for recycling with the popular #2 HDPE resin and reduce the use of petroleum-based plastic—and with fewer CO2 emissions.

“[The packages] are a convenient solution for growers and retailers looking to answer to consumer demand for more responsible products,” says Linda Weber, custom accounts manager, Fabri-Kal. “Our new Mushroom Tills are durable and will improve operational efficiency.”

Fabri-Kal’s new mushroom tills improve efficiency from filling to wrapping to packaging, reducing labor and cleanup as there is no need for additional prep containers.

All Fabri-Kal products are manufactured in the U.S.A. Fabri-Kal is a member of the American Mushroom Institute.

Three Reasons All Electric Systems Outperform Pneumatic Systems

This whitepaper offers a comparative analysis of a customer using a pneumatic valve and a traditional bead of adhesive for their card attaching applications.

Electric Stitch vs. Continuous Patterns: Adhesive Usage Comparison

This whitepaper quantifies the reduction in adhesive usage achieved by using a high-speed electrically operated gun dispensing a stitch pattern, as opposed to a pneumatically operated gun dispensing a continuous pattern.

SeaWorld dives into Coca-Cola's PlantBottle technology

SeaWorld dives into Coca-Cola's PlantBottle technology

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment has partnered up with Coca-Cola once again to deliver another sustainable initiative benefiting its guests. This time it is a 100% recyclable refillable plastic cup that is manufactured using proprietary PlantBottle packaging technology from Coca-Cola. The new slogan kicking off the launch is, “Being green is oh-so refreshing.”

Packaging Digest had the opportunity to catch up with the team at SeaWorld to talk about this new initiative.

What is the motivation behind SeaWorld implementing Coca-Cola's breakthrough PlantBottle Technology?

SeaWorld Team: We are thrilled to use this innovative new technology within our parks and to partner with Coca-Cola to launch the first cup made with this material. Our friends at The Coca-Cola Company share our commitment to care for the world, and this cup is a great example of working together to offer an appealing product for consumers who appreciate and support recycling and the use of sustainable materials.

What were the key goals and requirements from a marketing view? From a packaging view?

SeaWorld Team: We believe it’s important to offer our guests products that are eco-friendly, but reliable and fun at the same time. Our goal was to create a vessel for beverages that was made with sustainable materials,that maintained dependability and also was fun, vibrant and easy-to-use. We didn’t want to give up the functionality of the product, but rather produce a quality product that our customers love and feel good about buying.

Describe packaging components of bottle and label.

SeaWorld Team: We worked with Coca-Cola to create a fun, colorful bottle that maintained the quality of product our consumers expect. The label features inspiring messaging about caring for the environment and also information on the PlantBottle technology that was used to make the vessel.

How does this improve the consumer experience?

SeaWorld Team: It is our hope that all guests who visit our parks leave with a greater understanding of conservation and protecting the world we share. Guests who purchase these cups receive, and help spread, a powerful message about how we can all use our purchasing power to reward recycling and sustainability. It’s a win for us, our guests, and the planet.

Guests can expect to see this PlantBottle packaging technology in all SeaWorld and Busch Gardens parks throughout the U.S.


Multiple Camera Setup

Acquire up to 8 cameras at speeds of up to 750 fps x 640 x 480 or higher resolution on a single computer for long record times. All cameras in sync on acquisition and playback.  Record in continuous loop mode with prepost trigger on individual cameras. Ideal for trouble shooting issues on your production line at multiple angles.