Derma-E rejuvenates skin-care packaging design

By Rick Lingle in Skin Care on October 24, 2016

Derma-E’s redesigned packaging reflects the brand’s mission to provide simple, clean and modern science-based skin-care products.


The entire Derma-E skin-care line of more than 70 products is getting a refreshed look for the first time since 2012 to better reflect the company’s values with 100% consumer appeal.

“We are relaunching our packaging design starting September 2016,” says Barbara Roll, VP of marketing for Derma-E. “The new packaging will roll out through March 2017 into all stores.

First in the new pack is Hydrating, Anti Wrinkle Line, Firming and the company’s best-seller Microdermabrasion Scrub + Overnight Peel.”

Roll responds to our questions about the redesign.


Why the redesign now?

Roll: We have grown to become one of the largest natural facial care brands in the U.S. With the ‘natural’ industry growing quickly, in order to keep our position it was time to reinforce our uniqueness and story by incorporating it more into our packaging. We hoped to bring in our eco-ethical belief of being 100% vegan, cruelty free, recyclable with clean energy manufacturing and having cleaner products that exclude GMOs, soy, gluten, parabens mineral oils, sodium lauryls and more.

Our story is also now on our packaging as well. And our Southern California roots are incorporated in the feel, while keeping the nature and science efficacy feel.


What were the basic design goals?

Roll: We wanted the consumer to know that we take skincare and the environment seriously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously.  We want our true ethos to shine through.  We are friendly, clever, caring, inspiring, uplifting, confident, knowledgeable and trustworthy without being too clinical and self-important.

Our main goal was to appeal 100% to our consumer, we are updating our look and feel in our brand too, on social sites, at our website, in stores, and more. It is based on our heritage, mission and values, which have not changed. Our new brand look and feel is 100% Derma-E!


What are the most dramatic changes?

Roll: Those are an updated lotus graphic that represents the combination of nature and efficacy; a new bolder logo that is easier to spot on shelf; and a new eco-ethical stamp.  We have also updated our platform colors and added colored caps to certain items so a consumer can more easily identify the brand platforms.


Were any packages changed physically?

Roll: Physically the most dramatic change was with our skin care serums, which went to a taller, more elegant clear bottle. We moved to a more modern bottle shape to evolve with the times.


Can you comment on any initial feedback?

Roll: We conducted extensive focus groups for this new branding launch, and all of the feedback we received was extremely positive. 

Derma-E is sold in natural health food stores nationally from local stores to larger natural retailers including Whole Foods Markets and Sprouts Farmers Markets and is available at ULTA, CVS and Walgreens.  


The company’s website is Derma-E and Facebook page is found here.



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Such a good news. I agree that your brand offers clean and simple products and they really deserve a good packaging. I believe a good packaging ( has a huge value on product’s success and popularity, because it attracts customers and says a lot about the brand. Hope, your rejuvenated packaging will bring you more popularity and customers in future.