A new life for laundry caps

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A new life for laundry caps



Seventh Generation laundry caps

From the ingredients in its products to the packaging, Seventh Generation is always evaluating how to reduce its environmental impact, increase product performance and safety, and create a more sustainable supply chain. That's why the company is proud to announce a partnership with Preserve's "Gimme 5" program, allowing customers to recycle #5 plastic right where they shop.

"We're always trying to increase the post-consumer content in our packaging," says Peter Swaine, director of global strategic sourcing at Seventh Generation. "Now we're fully closing the loop on our #5 plastic, making it easy for our customers to recycle their laundry caps so in turn we can create more sustainable packaging for the products they love."

Polypropylene plastic, or #5, is the material choice for bottle caps, spray bottle heads and baby wipe tubs due to its versatility and flexibility. #5 plastic can be easily recycled and reincarnated into new product.

Consumers can now recycle their #5 plastic in the "Gimme 5" recycling bins that Seventh Generation is sponsoring along with Stonyfield Farms, Brita and Tom's of Maine in Whole Foods Markets and other natural food stores across the country. Clean, used Seventh Generation bottle caps, spray bottle heads and baby wipe tubs can be placed in the nearest bin. Preserve will turn these used packages into new #5 plastic, allowing Seventh Generation to create new post-consumer packaging. For more information on Preserve's "Gimme 5" program, visit: www.preserveproducts.com.


Source: Seventh Generation


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