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Rick Lingle in Smart Packaging on December 15, 2015

 Consumer interaction drives the technology-laden version of Oculto beer appearing at special events.


What kind of effort was behind this latest development for Oculto?

Monterio: The innovations were developed by Anheuser-Busch in partnership with Inland Packaging. This is an exciting project for us focused on furthering the brand’s personality of mystery, intrigue and seduction through a full sensory experience.


What’s the cost per bottle to do something like this?

Monterio: We don’t disclose specific cost figures, but see this as a significant opportunity to further the premium nature of the brand and its packaging.  Since the beginning, we’ve seen the Oculto packaging as an innovation in and of itself to bring to life a look that is premium, seductive and energetic.


What can be said about the assembly of the packaging?

Monterio: Oculto’s innovative new label was recently launched as a prototype in Miami in November of this year. The labels are currently assembled manually and will continue to be refined as we move forward.  


How many powered-label bottles have been produced?

Monterio: A limited supply of bottles were produced for our initial launch of the label. We’ll look to expand production in 2016 as the packaging innovation will appear again at select events throughout the year.


What more can you say about the “Relics of the Night” IoT aspect?

Monterio: Relics of the Night digital activation further brings the personality of the brand to life online. Through geo-targeted prompts, adults 21 and over can participate by scanning the Oculto mask from their bottle and uploading their image to participate (

Leveraging the Internet of Things scan technology, participants’ images allow them to digitally “spin the bottle” and win prizes from car service credits and t-shirts to sporting event tickets or VIP tables at local nightclubs. Adding Relics of the Night activation, the experience drinkers have with the Oculto bottle transitions from a purely physical interaction to a digital one, further highlighting the social nature of the brand.


What’s the chance of using this kind of technology on mass-produced beer?

Monterio: While we wouldn’t rule out this possibility, at this point we’re focused on elevating this premium technology through select events across the country to emphasize the brand’s secretive nature. We will look to share more details on where and when it will be revealed in the coming months.


Does this indicate potentially similar efforts for other AB brands?

Monterio: This marks the first time Anheuser-Busch has incorporated the smart label and an Internet of Things technology with one of our brands. Specifically, it is the first time we’ve leveraged Internet of Things technology with a bottle scan for one of our brands. We’ll share additional information on other Anheuser-Busch brands and upcoming tech innovations when it becomes available.


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