CoverMate converts to stand-up pouch for sustainable and cost savings

By Lisa McTigue Pierce in Smart Packaging on November 09, 2010

 CoverMate has switched from cartons to pouches for its Stretch-to-Fit Food Cover product line, reducing packaging materials by 75 percent.


CoverMate Food Covers has switched to pouches for its Stretch-to-Fit food cover product line, reducing packaging materials by 75 percent.


The stand-up pouch -- made from a PET/polyethylene blend -- replaces the previous paperboard box and inner bag for significant materials cost savings. The pouches also extend shipping efficiency, increasing the unit capacity 50 percent in shipments.


In market testing, consumers preferred the new pouch by a 7-to-1 margin over the conventional carton. With a reclosable zipper, the pouch keeps the covers clean and gives consumers the option of storing used but washed covers back in the bag.




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That's smart, continuous improvement. Everybody wins. The key element of successful improvements is speaking to your customers to find out what is important to them. Michael from
That's a great example of continuous improvement. Everybody in the product cycle wins. The key to successful modifications like this example is consulting the customer. If they don't like it, you would be reducing your costs by 75% of nothing. Michael from