CustomWave RFID is a one-of-a-kind solution

Rick Lingle in Smart Packaging on May 12, 2015

CustomWave RFID Solutions from R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company, Chicago, are positioned as a cost-effective, high-performance and environmentally friendly radio-frequency identification (RFID)-enabled smart label for packaging and other uses. The company has the ability to print antennas on a variety of materials, including directly onto a label.


"Our CustomWave RFID Solutions build upon our years of experience working with RFID technologies, our expertise in label conversion, and our ability to develop and apply new technologies to help our customers solve their most pressing business challenges, " says Brad Hull, the company’s VP of printed electronics. Hull responds to Packaging Digest’s questions in the following interview.


For what kind of applications/substrates is this applicable?

Hull: RR Donnelley’s range of custom smart tag and label solutions help to maximize our customers’ return on their RFID investment in a number of ways. For example, our solutions offer longer and more reliable RFID reads, thinner final products that fit up to 60% more labels per roll and are therefore more environmentally friendly, and the ability to incorporate RFID without compromising the branding of their products.


Our CustomWave RFID Solutions can be incorporated into almost any product we manufacture for our customers—from smart tags and labels to packaging, books, in-store displays, and other materials. We’ve selected a range of both paper-based and synthetic materials for our RFID products with inlays or without.  As RR Donnelley services customers in all verticals, the technology is adaptable to a very wide variety of applications from inventory management and theft control in retail, to asset tracking and authentication in automotive, healthcare, or logistics. 


What are the “custom” aspects of the product?

Hull: Every part of the final RFID smart product can be customized—in terms of the antenna, we’ll customize the size, shape, frequency response, and chip used. Our team of experts identifies, designs and tests the right inlay in our labs and in our customers’ environment, selects the most appropriate label materials and converting techniques, and then plugs in the hardware and software for our customers’ infrastructure needs.


We’ll also customize the smart tag or label—using whatever materials, adhesives, static and variable printing and client encoding that is required. Finally, we are able to customize the end deliverable—rolls, sheets, kitted products, and more.


Whether the required customization is simple or complex, our CustomWave RFID Solutions offer smart label technology that revolutionizes performance for our customers to achieve deep, real-time insights into their business.


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