Designers and engineers find value in smart packaging

Lisa McTigue Pierce in Smart Packaging on December 11, 2015

Today’s smart packaging technologies already deliver myriad benefits, but this sector is quickly evolving in many areas. For example, in 2015, you were interested in hearing about how brands are connecting with consumers via their smartphones, how smart sensors can improve packaging machinery performance and how various smart technologies can help ensure product safety.

Packaging Digest continues its review of the top articles of the year based on page views with the 2015 top 10 reported developments in smart packaging.

Our list starts at the bottom and builds up to an exciting #1.


#10. The Club Connected Bottle from Rémy Martin (see photo above) tapped near-field communication (NFC) technology and a smartphone app to help consumers authenticate the product, tell if the bottle had been opened already or not, and download rewards and special offers. Augustin Depardon, the company’s executive director, explains the impetus behind the decision to incorporate an NFC tag on their cognac bottle: “As the world is becoming connected, our consumers are expecting their favorite brands to do more than deliver the finest spirits: they want to have a direct connection with these brands, and a direct engagement.”


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