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Lisa McTigue Pierce in Smart Packaging on December 11, 2015

#1. In March 2015, global alcohol beverage leader Diageo stepped up and out with a prototype “smart bottle” for its Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky designed to enhance the consumer experience and deter counterfeiters. The customer experience changes along the way, depending on the status of the bottle. For example, consumers tapping the bottle at home, after breaking the seal, will be able to access more or different digital information with their smartphone than what they saw when engaging with the unopened bottle at the store. The Diageo spokesperson says, “This is very much a prototype and not a commercial product, and so the team is still exploring with concepts and possibilities, but the main aim is to enhance the consumer experience. What we can say is that the possibilities are endless once the bottle is made ‘smart’—the information/data/content available are in theory limitless.”

Now that’s smart thinking.



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