Educational program sings praises of paperboard packaging

Linda Casey

January 30, 2014

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Educational program sings praises of paperboard packaging
Ready to party strawberry milk cartons for Milk Rocks


Sporty milk cartons for Milk Rocks

At the Worldwide Food Expo, Evergreen Packaging Inc. announced the expansion of the Milk Rocks! program to include a sustainability theme-Milk Rocks! The Earth.


Evergreen marketing services manager Judy Zeigler

"One of our goals is to create excitement about grabbing a box instead of a plastic bottle," remarks Judy Zeigler, Evergreen marketing services manager.The cartons created for the Milk Rocks! The Earth program and displayed at WWFE featured bold graphics that spoke to the tween and teen markets through sports- and music-related messaging.


While milk in plastic bottles is popular among the nine- to 19-year-old school children that the nutritional education program targets, this type of packaging can be very expensive for the environment and the school districts.



Ready to party strawberry milk cartons for Milk Rocks

"With paper cartons, it's renewable and recyclable," Zeigler adds. Evergreen also estimates the sale of plastic bottled milk can raise milk costs for schools to the tune of $6 loss per student per year. Conversely, schools participating in the Evergreen's enhanced gable-top packaging program can increase milk sales that also generate an income of $3 per student per year versus a loss.



half-gal windowed carton concept from Evergreen Packaging

In addition to promoting its work with Milk Rocks!, Evergreen Packaging introduced two new gable-top packaging machines and showed some of the packaging concepts that is working on.


The new Q-70  gable-top packaging machine is engineered for the small- to mid-size volume market. With fill volumes of 6 to 32 oz, the Q-70 fills up to 7,000 quart-size cartons/hr and up to 9,000 fractional-size cartons/hr.


Evergreen also introduced the N-100 gable top packaging machine. With fill volumes of four to 16 oz, the N-100 fills up to 4 to 8 oz cartons at speeds of 10,200 cartons/hr and 10 to 16 oz cartons at speeds up to 8,500 cartons/hr.

 SingleSip carton concept from Evergreen Packaging

SingleSip carton concept from Evergreen Packaging

Conceptual packaging shown included a half-gallon windowed carton and a spouted, resealable single-serve carton trademarked as "SingleSip."



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