Facebook fans give their Honest opinion

Lisa McTigue Pierce, Executive Editor

January 30, 2014

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Facebook fans give their Honest opinion


About the graphic redesign
On Sept. 27, 2011, Honest Tea introduced its Facebook fans to the new label design and asked what they thought. Pictured were two bottles, the before and after designs, side by side. More than 4,000 people clicked "Like," but comments were mixed.


Sept. 27, Ryan Wagner: Cranberry Lemonade has always been my favorite flavor! And I love the new design, it's very minimalistic and beautiful yet clearly showcases what's in the bottle.


Sept. 27, Tessa Eline: The new look is great; Very minimalist, sleek. Definitely aesthetically pleasing.


Sept. 27, Tom Moyer: new label is 100% better. fresher look. more creative. cleaner fonts. well done!!


Sept. 27, Jenni Oatley Thibodaux: I like the old label much, much better. You recognize it as being made by Honest Tea and we then know it will be good.


Sept. 27, Omar Siddique: New label is a nice design (clean, pretty), but I like the 3-dimensionality of the old label better.


Sept. 27, Giselle Iliana Corona: The new design is hipper and cheery, its elements are nice. Unfortunately, it doesn't do it for me, it doesn't look unified, just a bunch of stuff hanging out in negative space. Why is "HONEST ade" broken in 2 lines? Why is the flavor name below the illustration? This new label doesn't have the same easy flow as the old one. The black frame became part of your brand, the labels were easy to spot on a shelf and ease to READ. I love your drinks, they are my daily treat :)


About the calorie button and serving size change
On Mar. 22, 2012, Honest Tea asked its Facebook fans: "What do you think about the grey 'Clear on Calories' logo on our labels? Do you find it helpful? Write on our wall and tell us!"


The post included a close-up photo of the front-of-pack calorie box and more than 2,000 fans had clicked "Like."


Here is a spattering of posts:


Mar. 22, Catherine Windsor: I love it. Basic, simple and to the point. I like when companies are upfront about what's in their product! Honest Tea is the best!!


Mar. 22, Mills Bakes: Clear and easy to see. I look for the number every time.


Mar. 22, Heather Kardell Uteshev: Yes, I like that it isn't trying to trick or lie to you. It is the # of calories in the BOTTLE-not some imaginary "serving size" dreamed up by the company.


Mar. 23, Van Vasko: I use the calorie guide but I am confused why the bottles are now 1 serving, they used to be two, but the size is the same...

          Mar. 23, Honest Tea: Hi Van Vasko—the serving size used to be 8 oz, with the servings per bottle as 'about 2.' We decided to change the serving size to reflect 16.9 oz since most people drink the entire bottle.

                    Mar. 23, Van Vasko: That makes sense, thanks for clearing that up. 



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