Global plastics associations take action on marine litter

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Global plastics associations take action on marine litter

As part of their overarching contribution to providing sustainable solutions, representatives of plastics organizations from around the globe released a "Global Declaration for Solutions on Marine Litter." The declaration, announced at the 5th International Marine Debris Conference in Honolulu, describes steps that the industries will take—and suggests approaches and platforms for global cooperation and future partnerships.


"SPI and its member companies continue to embrace the concept of sustainability, and I am proud that we have joined with our peer organizations across the globe to make this formal declaration concerning marine debris," says William Carteaux, president and CEO of SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association. "The plastics industry has always been about creating innovations that meets societal needs. Marine litter is no exception and SPI stands ready to participate with others in problem-solving this issue."


"Marine litter is a global problem, and it requires global solutions," says Steve Russell, vp of plastics for the American Chemistry Council. "We are pleased to come together with plastics organizations from around the world to leverage current programs and to generate the creative spark that launches innovative solutions."


"This joint global declaration on marine litter is aiming at taking part in shaping a solution to this complex societal issue. Plastics should not be part of the oceans, and marine litter is not acceptable. We take this issue very seriously," says Jacques van Rijckevorsel, president of PlasticsEurope. "Plastics contribute significantly to enhancing the quality of our lives, to preserving our resources, to reducing C02 emissions and to enabling innovation. However, they should be responsibly used and disposed of either via recycling or energy recovery."


Inadequate waste management infrastructure, insufficient recycling and littering are among the root causes of this worldwide problem. Plastics and plastics products producers from around the globe will use the declaration as a framework for action as they engage with world governments, NGOs, researchers and other stakeholders on this critical issue.


During the announcement, the plastics organizations also provided videos, presentations and fact sheets on industry—sponsored activities, programs and research that already are underway. These include a number of public-private partnerships designed to raise awareness about litter prevention, recycling and recovery.


For more information on these programs, visit

The Declaration on Marine Litter can be found at:


Signatories to the Declaration on Marine Litter are:

ACC, American Chemistry Council, Washington, USA

ANAIP, Spanish Association of Plastics Industry

ANDIMAT, Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Materiales Aislantes, Madrid, Spain

APIP, Associacao Portuguesa da Industria de Plasticos, Portugal

ANIPAC, Asociación Nacional de Industrias del Plástico, Asociación Civil, Mexico

ASECONP, Asociación Española de Fabricantes de Contenedores Plásticos para Residuos Urbanos

ASEPUR, Asociación Española de empresas de polyuretano , Madrid, Spain

ASETUB, Asociación Española de fabricantes de tubos y accesoros plasticos, Madrid, Spain

ASOVEN, Asociacíon Ventanas pvc, Madrid, Spain

ASEMUPLAST, Asociacíon de Empresarios del sector Plástico de la región de Murcia, Spain

BAP, Bulgarian Association Polymers, Sofia, Bulgaria

BPF, British Plastics Federation, London, United Kingdom

CEP, Centro Español de Plásticos, Spain Cicloplast, Madrid, Spain

CPIA, Canadian Plastics Industry Association, Ontario, Canada

PLAST, The Danish Plastics Federation, Copenhagen, Denmark

ECOPLAS Argentina SA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Elipso, Les entresprises de l'emballage plastique et souple, Paris, France

Essencia, Belgische federatie van de chemische industrie en van life sciences VZW, Belgium

EuPC, European Plastics Converter Association, Brussels, Belgium

EuPR, European Plastics Recyclers, Brussels, Belgium

FAMA, Asociación de Fabricantes de Articulos Monouso Reciclables, Madrid, Spain

Federplast, Belgische Vereniging van Producenten van Kunststof-en Rubberartikelen, Brussels, Belgium

Fetraplas, Federacion Espanola de transformadores y manipuladores de plasticos, Madrid Spain

Muoviteollisuus ry, Finnish Plastics Industries Federation, Helsinki, Finland

GPCA, Gulf, Petrochemicals & Chemicals Association, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

HGK, Croatian Chamber of Economy, Zagreb, Croatia

IK Industrievereinigung Kunststoffverpackungen e.V, Bad Homburg V.D.H, Germany

IRI , PlastIndia Foundation, Mumbay, India

JPIF, Japan Plastics Industry Federation,Tokyo, Japan

KPIA, Korea Petrochemical Industry Association, Seoul, Korea

KVS, Kunststoff Verban Schweiz, Aarau, Switzerland

La Plasturgie Federation, French Association of Plastic Converters, Paris, France

MMSZ, Association of Hungarian Plastics Industry, Budapest, Hungary

MPMA, Malaysian Plastics Manufacturers Association, Selangor, Malaysia

PACIA, Plastics and Chemical Industry Association, Melbourne, Australia

PAFA, Packing and Film Association, London, United Kingdom

P&K, Plast & Kemiforetagen, The Swedish Plastics & Chemicals Federation, Stockholm, Sweden

PlasticsEurope, European Association of Plastics Manufacturers, Brussels, Belgium

Plastics Federation of South Africa, Gauteng, South Africa

Plastivida, Instituto Sócio-Ambiental dos Plásticos, Sao Paulo, Brazil

PPIA, Philippine Plastics Industry Association Caloocan City, Philippines
SPI: The Plastics Industry Trade Association, Washington, United States

SPPCR, Association of Plastics Industry of the Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic


Source: SPI


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