January 30, 2014

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New research from Packaging Digest and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition
Packaging Digest and the Sustainable Packaging Coalition surveyed Packaging Digest’s subscribers to understand the awareness and adoption levels of sustainability in the packaging marketplace. Download the PDF file and see the results of the survey at www.packagingdigest.com/sustainstudy

Consumers seek healthy and quick snacking, says report
A gap in the market for snackfood that is simultaneously convenient, healthy and indulgent is ripe for exploitation by canny retailers, according to a new report. READ MORE>>

FDA proposes to allow the use of alternative temperature-indicating devices for processing low-acid canned foods
The Food and Drug Administration has issued a proposed rule which, if finalized, would benefit both consumers and the food industry by enabling manufacturers of heat-processed, low-acid canned foods to modernize their equipment by using alternative temperature-indicating devices. READ MORE>>

Tyson unveils new R&D facility
Tyson Foods has unveiled its new R&D facility, designed to enhance the company’s ability to create new foods and bring them to market more quickly. READ MORE>>

Kraft hopes to take a bite out of takeout
Kraft Foods, Inc., looking for a way to end a prolonged sales slump, is trying to take a bite out of its real competition—restaurants. READ MORE>>

Both Coke and Pepsi lose market share in 2006
Coke and Pepsi both saw their share of the soda market fall in 2006 for the second straight year, led by weak sales of Coke Classic and regular Pepsi, says an industry report. At Coke, the world’s biggest soft drink maker saw its domestic market share dip to 42.9 percent last year from 43.1 percent in 2005 as total soft drink sales overall slipped 0.6 percent in the U.S. last year. READ MORE>>

White Paper: RFID is to cellular as bar code is to phone booth

Diagraph, an ITW Company

Download at—www.packagingdigest.com/info/276

White Paper: Weighing Systems: What is a multi-head weigher and what are the top 5 reasons to buy one?

CombiScale, Inc.

Download at—www.packagingdigest.com/info/428

White Paper: Survival of the fittest, fastest and most flexible: How integrated architecture boosts packaging productivity

Rockwell Automation

Download at—www.packagingdigest.com/info/248

White Paper: Five essential steps for choosing a case packer

Econocorp, Inc.

Download at—www.packagingdigest.com/info/23

Ardagh to Buy Rexam’s glass business
Ardagh Glass Group PLC has agreed to buy the glass business of British packaging company Rexam PLC for $867.7 million. READ MORE>>

Coca-Cola joins industry move to label caffeine
Coca-Cola has announced that it plans to disclose the caffeine content on all of its beverages, as part of the company’s rollout of expanded nutrition labeling in the U.S. READ MORE>>

Trans fats-, gluten-free products top new launches
“Food-minus” products, including snacks with reduced fat, calories or sugar, boosted new product launches last year, according to Mintel. Gluten-free and trans fats-free products were especially popular. READ MORE>>

Demand for aluminum foil reaches a record high
Despite the continuing high price of aluminum foil, demand for the packaging material continues to rise, Europe’s industry association said this week. READ MORE>>

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