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Packsize International

Packsize helps companies save on their packaging inventory and the work required for boxing and shipping. The right-sized box for every product results in less waste, lower shipping costs, decreased damage rates, and increased customer satisfaction.

Packsize International’s packaging specialists help companies save on their packaging inventory and the work required for boxing and shipping, while also helping them reduce the carbon footprint of their packaging process. Packsize’s On Demand Packaging® gives companies unrivaled just-in-time packaging solutions that make the right size box for every product, on demand. Reduce shipping costs and dimensional charges, minimize the use of air pillows, eliminate product damages, decrease environmental impact, and increase customer satisfaction. By optimizing order size, material requirements, and packaging throughput, On Demand Packaging® drives broad inventory management results by providing the ability to quickly respond to varying product sizes and shipping challenges. Smarter packaging also means fewer planes and trucks, and less material.


Packsize EM7-25™

The EM7-25™ multi-patented automatic packaging machine is designed to enable On Demand Packaging® in a wide range of industries, including: fulfillment, furniture, windows and doors, plastic and metal manufacturing, and printing / marketing. The EM7-25 supports most Fefco designs.

Packsize iQ Fusion 2™

The compact and powerful iQ Fusion 2™ enables a single packaging operator to transition from box creation to box induction with significantly reduced cycle time. The new machine design modifications also culminate in faster throughput, giving customers the ability to further reduce the time and costs associated with their packaging and shipping operations.
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A proprietary, 97 percent recyclable corrugated material designed specifically for On Demand Packaging®, Packsize z-Fold™ can be creased, cut, and scored into an infinite number of box styles and sizes.
Packsize International Content
Did you know that Packsize's On Demand Packaging® usually reduces a company's average box size by 40 percent? Find out what this would this mean for your... More