RFID Europe 2008 draws exhibitors from around the globe

Linda Casey

January 30, 2014

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RFID Europe 2008 draws exhibitors from around the globe

According to IDTechEx, its RFID Europe 2008 event, Cambridge, UK, featured offerings from more exhibitors than any other RFID event held in Europe. The 22 exhibitors came from across the globe, hailing from lands as far away as Asia and the U.S. Exhibitors to the two-day show, which began Sept. 310, showed and discussed a range of technologies from active RFID, RTLS and sensor networks, near-field communication, RFID systems, and breakthroughs in HF and UHF RFID and RFID manufacturing. The show company cited RFID use in hostile environments and asset tracking through real-time locating systems as some of the event’s hot topics. IDTechEx notes that opinions about need for market consolidation from exhibitors, speakers and attendees were divided. A venture capitalist in the Investment Forum said there is no need for consolidation. An opinion supported by the fact that gold sponsor Scanology was one of many smaller RFID companies seeing record orders. The company creates solutions for reading baggage RFID tags in many airports. A medium-size player, Lyngsoe Systems, also prospers selling technology for this type of application. Larger companies are acquiring the more promising smaller RFID companies. Show attendance by end-users hit a new record, with show goers searching for applications for organizations such as casinos, bookshops and the U.S. military. Start-up, Loc8tor, reported being flooded with orders. According to IDTechEx, comments from the show conference clearly showed a losing trend for LF and microwave-passive RFID, as more applications of passive RFID migrate to HF and UHF. Breakthroughs in HF and UHF technologies appear to have reached a virtual torrent, with industry standards, e.g., those used by the pallet industry, giving a boost to UHF development. Active RFID had a larger presence at the show. This bigger representation in the lectures and exhibits reflects the bigger share of the market that active is now grabbing. Ultra Wide Band appears to be the next big thing in that it is accepted as the highest performing RTLS on most criteria (Ubisense), but it is now also set to boost Wireless Sensor Network, Third Generation Active RFID, salability as IEEE 802.15.4a brings it to the user level.

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