Seventh Generation debuts 96 percent PCR HDPE packaging, a first for cleaners

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Seventh Generation debuts 96 percent PCR HDPE packaging, a first for cleaners


Seventh Generation debuts 96% PCR HDPE packaging, a first for cleaners



Millions of plastic milk jugs that get tossed into the recycling bin every day are finding their way back into homes, housing Seventh Generation's environmentally-friendly dish liquid, fabric softener, non-chlorine bleach and liquid laundry detergent.


Seventh Generation, the nation's top brand of non-toxic household and personal care products, has introduced new packaging that features 96 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content. Developed by Seventh Generation in collaboration with its packaging partner, Consolidated Container Co., the new packaging is made of resin derived from recycled milk jugs and other plastic bottles. According to Seventh Generation, this represents a quantum leap over the 25 percent recycled content typically found in plastic packaging.


"For many years we've bemoaned the fact that our products were great for the Earth, but our packaging really wasn't," says Seventh Generation director of global strategic sourcing Peter Swaine. "It took a while to engineer, but we've proven to a skeptical industry that you can make a bottle that meets both high performance and top environmental standards."


The new packaging, featured in the brand's Dish Liquid and Fabric Softener, joins other impressive high-PCR content bottles in Seventh Generation's roster of products, including its revolutionary 80 percent PCR 150 oz. Concentrated Laundry Liquid container. These bottles are made from HDPE (No. 2) plastic instead of PET (No. 1) because manufacturing HPDE resin produces 42 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than PET. The benefits of this switch are enormous: If every household replaced just one virgin plastic 25 oz. bottle of dish liquid with Seventh Generation's 96 percent PCR bottle, America would save more than 8,600,000 lbs of plastic and prevent the release of more than 23,500,000 lbs of greenhouse gases.


Paul Newell, Consolidated's vice president of market development and innovation, says, "Consolidated Container Co. is excited to be working with Seventh Generation to create this industry leading, high-PCR content package for household cleaning products. We welcomed the challenge from Seventh Generation to develop a package that would meet their tough performance and environmental standards. With our design, engineering, and materials expertise, we've been able to develop this family of packages that will have a dramatic, positive impact on the packaging industry as well as the environment."


To learn more about Seventh Generations groundbreaking packaging and the process used to create it, check out the video from "Packaging Pete" at


Source: Seventh Generation

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