January 30, 2014

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Vodka goes 'green'


Billed as environmentally-friendly vodka, 360 Vodka from McCormick Distilling, is distilled and packaged using new, environmentally sound practices. It is made entirely from American grain and is bottled using recycled glass and biodegradable outer packaging.

The innovative, wire-topped closure stands out on the vodka aisle and is part of Earth Friendly Distilling's plans to support eco-friendly, “green” organizations that are dedicated to the betterment of the environment. The super-premium brand is to be distilled by Earth Friendly Distilling Co., a new division of McCormick Distilling.

As a part of its overall “green” efforts, McCormick Distilling is setting aside $1 to organizations and selected groups for every 360 Vodka bottle closures returned, through its “360 Close the Loop” program that will allow it to support various recognized, environmental organizations.

The proprietary, crystal-like glass bottle incorporates 85-percent recycled glass, 75 percent of which is post-consumer-recycled. The paper label is produced using ecologically friendly materials and methods, according to the company, and is 100-percent “eco-friendly” paper sourced through the New Leaf Paper Co. (www.newleafpaper.com).

Notes Ed Pechar, chairman of McCormick Distilling, “Business doesn't exist in a vacuum. Our customers are our neighbors; that's why we are committed to doing everything we can to better the world we live in.”

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