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Where Do You Get QR Codes for Your Packages?

Article-Where Do You Get QR Codes for Your Packages?

PABLO PORCIUNCULA / Staff / AFP via Getty Images QR-code-on-packaging-GettyImages-155788890-ftd.jpg
This tool lets you customize Quick Response codes with text, logos, and a surprising number of different destinations.

The conundrum: Consumers want to learn more about the products as they shop and buy but there is only so much room on a package for you to tell them.

Brands have learned to expand this limited packaging space by printing Quick-Response (QR) codes on labels. And most consumers are now comfortable with using this technology. They simply view the QR code with their smartphone camera and it takes them to whatever the brand wants to present to them. It could be the origin of the ingredients in the food, or the company’s sustainability goals, or a way for customers to enter a giveaway promotion.

While marketers continue to get clever with new engaging campaigns, the design pizzazz of the QR code has been rather flat for the most part. We’ve seen some clever custom graphics over the years. But the typical QR code is ho-hum.

Recently, a reader named Emma Carey told me about a useful tool she found for making and customizing QR codes. These can be used for anything really, like printed on a billboard or shown in a video — or added to packaging graphics.

Carey explains, “I recently found a new [QR code generator] that is truly exceptional, free, and offers some remarkable features.

“It can actually transform the appearance of the QR codes, which I found very cool: you can customize colors, create frames, and even incorporate your company’s logo and social links. It’s a wonderful way to make your QR codes more visually appealing and engaging.

“I believe this QR generator would be a great addition to your page, and that your readers would appreciate this useful tool should you decide to share it with them.”

I decided to check it out. It was super simple and easy to use. It gives some options for personalizing a QR code. More so than other tools? I’m not sure. I don’t often create QR codes.

In addition to the custom options Carey points out above, you can pick from 15 different actions for the user (visit a website or send a text message, for example). That functionality surprised me the most.

I was underwhelmed with adding a logo, though. It was overprinted with the QR code and looked like a messy detraction to me.

But, overall, my experience was positive and productive. Here are different codes I created in a matter of minutes. What do you think?

Packaging DigestQR-websiteplanet-Packaging-Digest-web.jpeg

Packaging DigestQR-websiteplanet-Lisa-Pierce-web.jpeg

Packaging DigestQR-codes-text-me-web.jpg

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